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Overall Guidelines

  • eScholarship is open to all Winona State University students that are currently participating in the e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Program. This includes full-time and part-time students.
  • Only entries that are 100% original will be considered.
  • Entry must follow this year's theme.
  • Only entries that follow exact guidelines will be considered.
  • All entries must be created/edited on WSU laptop/tablet, or you may use your phone.
  • Technology: Must use WSU supported software or software that is freely accessible by all.
  • You may submit as many entries as you wish in any categories, but you will only be eligible to win one scholarship.
    • If you do submit more than one entry in an event, please send all additional entries to DLC@winona.edu. In the email please add which category you wish to enter it into, the name of the entry, team members (if it is a team entry), and any other information that would be important to us.
  • Scholarships are awarded to single winners or all participants of a winning team. eFlick and Jingles are the only categories that teams are allowed.
    • A team of up to four students may be used for the eFlick competition.
    • A team of up to two students may be used for the Jingle competition.
  • You may be required to attend a luncheon with your benefactor. Casual dress would be the attire.

How and When Are They Awarded?

  • 10 individual $1,000.00 e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Scholarships will be awarded.
  • Scholarships will be awarded in April for Spring 2024
  • You will be notified by email in April if you are a recipient.
  • The WSU e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Scholarship Committee reserves the right to disregard entries that are not complete, on theme, or are considered inappropriate.