Understanding open-access versus invitation-only Qualtrics surveys

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This article outlines the differences between an open-access versus invitation-only surveys when designing your Qualtrics surveys. Qualtrics has several ways you can distribute your surveys to participants and the terms can be a bit confusing. To conduct an open-access survey you will simply activate the survey (see how here). However, have a need to prevent so called ballot-box stuffing with surveys. This article (click here) covers the many ways you can protect the integrity of your survey results. To email out a survey Qualtrics has an excellent video and other resources that can be found on this page (click here). The use of Panels is one of the most powerful ways to conduct invitation-only surveys and you should check out this resource to learn how to set up panels and distribute surveys with this method.

If you are interested in learning more about distributing your surveys we would recommend the Qulatrics Univesity on distributing your surveys.

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