Use external cameras and microphones to stream in-person class meetings

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Instructors can use external cameras and microphones to stream in-person class meetings as needed to support remote students who are self-isolating for COVID-related reasons. Campus-supported devices are intended for temporary classroom use as needed.

All-in-one options

The following mobile, all-in-one camera, microphone, and speaker devices are supported by TLT ( for streaming and recording live classroom activity.


HoverCam Solo 8Plus Document Camera

HoverCam's Solo 8Plus document camera is a flexible, mobile, high-quality solution for the front of a lecture-style classroom. USB-powered with an integrated microphone and an articulating, autofocus 4K camera, the Solo 8Plus allows instructors to capture just about anything happening in the front of the classroom. While parallel to the floor, the camera can be used for desk work and displaying physical objects. When tilted perpendicular to the floor, the camera can be used to display the instructor working at the board.

Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro Webcam

Logitech's Brio Ultra HD Pro Webcam can be hung on a monitor or plexiglass shield or mounted on a tripod.


TLT ( supports two external all-in-one solutions for seminar-style classrooms in which students and instructors gather in a circle or horseshoe configuration and engage in discussion.

Meeting Owl Pro

The OWLLabs Meeting Owl Pro is a conical, 360-degree video conferencing camera, microphone, and speaker combination designed to sit in the middle of a circular conference table. It includes a 1080p, speaker tracking camera with autofocus and smart zooming functionality. The microphone pickup is about an 18 feet radius.

Poly Studio Video Bar

The Poly Studio Premium USB Video Bar can be placed anywhere in a classroom on a surface or tripod, but is designed to sit at the open end of a horseshoe-shaped conference table, pointed at the group. The camera has a 120-degree field of view, 4K capture resolution, and automatic people framing and speaker tracking. The stereo microphones have a 12-16 foot pickup and the unit also comes with built-in speakers.

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