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I'm Eric Ling, one of the Student Technology and Resource Specialists (STARS) on the e-Warrior Digital Learning Center (DLC) team, a part of Teaching, Learning, and Technology Services, here, at Winona State University (WSU). I am a student worker expecting to graduate in May of 2015 with a degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from the College of Business and a minor in Japanese Studies. Being a little unusual, I am a returning student currently seeking my second degree; I already hold a degree in English: Literature and Language from the WSU College of Liberal Arts with a minor in Philosophy. I've also spent some time as a graduate student in English and have taught two sections of English 111 here at WSU.

While getting my first degree at WSU I was also lucky enough to be hired by the DLC (then called the Laptop Learning Lab or LLL) and worked on several of the previous online and offline documentation solutions that WSU offered. The wiki was first developed and rolled out while I was alternatively a graduate student, an online freelance writer, and unemployed. Upon my return to WSU to attain my second degree I was lucky enough to be rehired by the DLC and was introduced to the wiki in the Spring of 2012. I suspect that I am, only now, beginning to get rather a hang of actively participating in the wiki, though I have contributed actively to it since shortly after I was first introduced to the wiki.

For fun projects like the effects shown on my picture to the above right or for serious school projects come over to Somsen 207 and ask to meet with a DLC STARS member. If you have a question about software we want to help you with that software. Some questions we've gotten in the past include:

  • How does this !lookup function work in Excel?
  • How do I format my Word document so that it looks like this?
  • How do I rearrange these graphical elements in Adobe InDesign?

Or even:

  • I've got to make a website for my class. Where on Earth do I begin?

As always, if you find anything you'd like to see on the wiki or find something that has slipped through our most recent round of updates, please let us know at

And just for fun here's a list of DLC STARS who have previously worked on some iteration of the wiki, but have since moved on to the next stage of their lives (this is based solely on my memory, and is therefore probably missing a couple):

  • Kyle Maki
  • Jamie Moeller
  • Andy Burns
  • Cynthia Kirchner Wyant
  • Jessica Nelson
  • Tanner Erickson
  • Jessica Friedrichs
  • Jorge Burns