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This article covers the methods used by Dr. Lynne Ornes (Nursing) to implement SoftChalk LessonBuilder, interactive course content project for Nursing 361 - Pharmachology for Non-nursing Majors course and is intended for instructors interested in replicating the activity in their own courses. Lynne's experiences with online course content built in SoftChalk LessonBuilder referenced in her 2010 Faculty Exchange interview can be viewed by clicking here.


Develop instructional strategy and design. Lynne uses LessonBuilder in this online course to supplement what would have been covered in the traditional classroom setting. This content serves as the primary mechanism to deliver course content. Students access the content within D2L and are able to play the content within any browser. SoftChalk LessonBuilder content is stored in the D2L Content section and is coupled with Quizzes and other formative assessments. Each interactive module of content has the learning objective and related preparation student should have taken before beginning the instructional activities.

  • Capture the SoftChalk LessonBuilder content. See video demonstration below for in Learn More About section for an overview of how Lynne is currently using this system.
  • Link the SoftChalk LessonBuilder content to your D2L course. Lynne adds her content to her D2L Nursing 361 - Pharmachology for Non-nursing Majors within Content section.

To learn how to upload this content to D2L you will want to check out Uploading SoftChalk LessonBuilder Content to D2L.

  • Plan for student support....


  • Lynne posts all here SoftChalk LessonBuilder content in D2L and students access this content online through this tool. Once content is posted to a course it can be copied and moved to new courses for future use by students. It should be added that if changes are made to your SoftChalk LessonBuilder modules, you will need to post this modified content up to D2L.


  • Formative assessments are embedded within the SoftChalk LessonBuilder modules with self-check quizzes and interactive exercises.
  • Lynne also uses D2L Quizzes to assess the impact of the LessonBuilder content.

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