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VLC iOS App.jpg

This is a guide to install the VLC App on your iOS device.

The VLC app allows you to play music, shows, and movies in a variety of different formats that may not be supported by Apple's default movie player on an iOS device.

Installation from WSU Apps

1. Click the WSU Apps icon on your WSU iPad's home screen.

Ipad start screen2.png

2. The WSU Apps Page will appear. Tap the VLC App.


3. Tap the word "Install".


4. Tap "Install" again.


5. A prompt may pop-up asking you to accept an invite. Tap "Accept Invite". If no invitation prompt, continue to step 6.

  • Please follow the next few pop-ups to enable your account to associate with WSU.
  • Repeat steps 1 - 4 after your account has been associated.

Notability Accept Invite.PNG

6. Once you tap install, a green banner will be displayed at the bottom of the page.


7. Next, type in your Apple ID password when prompted.

WSUAPPS iTunes.png

8. Press the home button IPAD 2 FAULTY HOME BUTTON.JPG after the password prompt closes.

9. Once the app downloads, then tap the VLC app VLC iOS App.jpg located on your iPad Homescreen.

  • Be patient as the app will take time to download onto your iOS device.
  • If the App cannot be located, restart iPad and repeat the tutorial.


10. Finished, you can now enjoy the wide range of video/audio formats the VLC app can play for you.