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This article describes how to use the Video Assignment tool in a Brightspace course. It is intended for instructors.

What are video assignments?

The Video Assignment tool is used to create assignments with video instructions, allow students to record and submit video submissions, and provide video feedback.

How do I access the Video Assignment tool?

Click Assessments in the course navbar and select Video Assignment from the drop-down menu.

Using Video Assignments

Here are some ways to use Video Assignments in a course:

  • Individual video assignments begin with the teacher recording instructions. The students record presentations and assignment responses and submit them for feedback. Classmates can peer review the content.
  • In-class assignments are student presentations recorded by the teacher using a webcam. The teacher and fellow students can leave comments as feedback to the presenter.
  • Video case response assignments begin with text-based questions to guide the thought process followed by a video-based case. Further questions are presented to promote critical thinking.


Students recording their work for submission

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