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Welcome to the e-Warrior Digital Learning Center Team

DLC STARS Welcome Guide PDF

Thanks for joining the DLC STARS (Student Technology and Resource Specialists) Team! I am sure you will enjoy your job and be a great addition to our team.


  • The DLC STARS Team is a group of students dedicated to helping all WSU students feel comfortable engaging in the technologies available through the e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Program at Winona State University.
  • Students each have their own areas of expertise but are cross trained to help each other.
  • We are a part of Teaching, Learning & Technology. The rest of our department is located over in Maxwell. We are located in Somsen because we work with student training.



  • DLC STARS generally work around 15 – 20 hours during the school year. In the summer you can have up to 40 depending upon work load.
  • DLC STARS need to plan on working during breaks. If you need time off let me know.


  • Be on time for your shift.
    • If you will be late, are sick, or cannot come in for some reason please contact your supervisor (Char Gorak) as soon as you know.
  • If you cannot make a scheduled workshop or training session it is up to you to make sure one of the other STARS can cover for you. If this is not possible please be sure your supervisor knows.
  • If you want time off – that’s easy – just ask! If there is nothing important going on at the time it will be no problem.
  • Put any time off that you have on the DLC Calendar on the DLC worksite

Dress Code

You are a representative of IT, TLT, DLC and TLC.  It is very important that you set a good example for Winona State. 

  • Dress Shorts – These can be worn but they should not be the short, short ones.  Your shorts should come to right above your knee. 
  • Jeans or Capris – These are okay to wear as long as they are clean and fit appropriately
  • Dress Pants – These are always okay to wear as long as they are clean and fit appropriately. 
  • Tube Tops, Spaghetti String Tops, Low Cut Tops, Tight Tops – These are totally inappropriate. 
  • T-Shirts, Casual Summer/Winter Shirts, Sweatshirts – these are okay to wear as long as they are clean and fit appropriately. 
  • Cap or Hats – If you are in contact with customers, you are to not wear a cap or hat.  If you need to wear one to go from one building to another during bad weather this is permissible, but we ask that you remove it upon working with customers.


  • I would prefer that these are filled out daily.
  • Make sure you submit them when due otherwise you may not get a paycheck for that time period.


Laptop Distribution and Exchange Sessions

  • DLC STARS lead all laptop distribution and exchange sessions. These sessions are generally held during the first weeks of the semesters and in the summer time.
  • Because of summer distributions DLC STARS will work 40 hours during most of the summer.
  • You should be at least 15 – 30 minutes early for these sessions, all setup and ready to go when students arrive.

General Workshops

  • We offer many different flavors of technology in one-hour hands-on workshops that are offered at different times on different days to accommodate students’ schedules.
  • The courses are created and delivered by the STARS.
  • New workshops offered each month during the Fall/Spring semesters.
  • You should be at least 15 – 30 minutes early for these sessions, all setup and ready to go when students arrive.

1:1 Help

  • Walk-in (if DLC is available). Front Desk will call back to our area to ask for assistance.
  • If the Front Desk has not created the ITSM call it is your responsibility to do so. Please take a notepad with you when you meet with students to get their names and warrior ID’s in case you need to create the call.
  • Go out to the Front Desk, greet the student and take them into Somsen 207e. If there is a meeting going on in there you will need to bring them back to our area or go into the small conference room by our area.
  • After your meeting you need to go into ITSM, update the call with meeting information and then close out the call.

Custom Training with Faculty

  • Stars might be asked to help with software how to's in the classroom.
  • Stars will go into the classroom and show the class how to use the software that the professior asked for assistance in.

The WSU Technology Knowledge Base

Important Links

What is on the DLC worksite?

  • Custom Training Calendar
  • DLC Star Time off
  • DLC Stars contact infoDLC inventory
  • DLC Star Skills
  • DLC Tasks

Your Responsibilities

  • No homework is to be done during your working hours.
    • If you do not have a custom or general workshop or training to do, a project or do not have any 1:1 ITSM calls to complete you are expected to be learning new softwares or technologies that you can share with other WSU students.
    • Linda is a great place to spend any extra time that you may have.
  • Examples:
    • Linda is a great place to spend any extra time that you may have.
    • Reviewing our help documentation for possible updates
  • Be respectful of full time STAFF members and other STARS at all times.
    • It is expected that even if you are not on duty, you represent ITS and WSU. You should uphold and adhere to the rules regarding the university computing resources at all times. You are expected to avoid derogatory comments about WSU policies or personnel.