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Fixing a Double Redirect

  1. Click on special pages in your toolbox at the bottom left of the Wiki homepage
  2. Under Maintenance reports, select double redirects.
  3. You should now be on the double redirect page.
  4. For each redirect issue, you will see that there are three links. They are separated by an arrow. You will want to highlight and copy the third link.
  5. Now click edit next to the first link.
  6. You should now have the page open that has the redirect issue. It should say #REDIRECT Link here. To fix the double redirect, first highlight the inside of the link.
  7. Press ctrl+v or right-click and paste the third link that you had copied in step 4. It should replace the link with the correct third link.
  8. In the summary section at the bottom, type Fixed double redirect, then click save page.
  9. The double redirect should be gone and will no longer show on the double redirect page.