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Wiki Cheat Sheet

Getting Ready - Marking Articles with Categories

We will be copying/pasting wiki articles from TLT Wiki to There are several things to remember and check for while we do this.

In TLT Wiki

  • All wiki articles are being reviewed briefly to decide if they should be moved over to new wiki or not
  • We will be working with three categories during this move
    • [[Category: Delete]] – on TLT Wiki
    • [[Category: Move]] – On TLT Wiki… (remove from
    • [[Category: Moved]] – On TLT Wiki
    • [[Category: Update]] – on TLT Wiki - use if you can see the page is current but in need of updating. You would categorize that page and Move and Upgrade. Leave on
    • [[Category: Check Links]] use on when there are links to pages that have not yet been created and we will need to go back and check them when we are done.
  • As articles are reviewed they will be given a new category – it will either be “Move” or “Delete”. We are not reviewing these documents for accuracy – just to see if they are relevant now and if we feel that they should be moved over to the new wiki.
    • If the article should be included in the new wiki we will add “[[Category: Move]]” to the bottom of the article
    • If the article should NOT be moved over to the new wiki we will add “[[Category: Delete]]” and review this category later.
  • Once an article has been copied over to the new wiki we will change the category from “[[Category: Move]]” to “[[Category: Moved]] in the TLT Wiki”
  • If we see a page that needs to be updated, but it could be moved as is, tag it with “Category: Move” and “Category: Update.”  Then later we can pull a list of pages we know someone should work on and update. 

Moving the Articles

  • Best to be done on double monitors
  • Open TLT Wiki on one monitor and on the other
  • You will need to go into edit mode on the article you are copying over
  • Highlight the entire page and paste it to the clipboard (Ctrl C on PC)
  • In create a new page named the exact name of the page you are copying over
  • In edit mode put the cursor at the top of the page and paste in (Ctrl V on pc)
  • All text, hyperlinks, headings should transfer in
    • Graphics will need to be imported in.
      • You can save the picture off of the TLT Wiki to a folder on your desktop
        • Right click on the graphic and click on “save as”
    • In import the picture just like you would if you were creating the article new
    • Some extensions still need to be put in – hopefully this week
      • YouTube
      • Splists
        • If you need one of these in your article and it is not working you will have to come back to it after the extensions are installed. Make note of the names of those pages.
  • Once an article has been copied over to the new wiki we will change the category from “[[Category: Move]]” to “[[Category: Moved]]” on the TLT Wiki article
  • On the article you can remove “[[Category: Move]]” and save it.

Things to Remember

  • On hyperlinks will work whether they are updated or not – they will still be pointing back to the TLT Wiki which will still be live. Because it is still live the links will work.
    • You have to make sure that the hyperlinks read and not I KNOW A LOT OF THESE WILL BE MISSED SO WE WILL HAVE TO GO BACK THROUGH AND CHECK THEM.
    • I have added another category “Category: Check Links” for articles that we need to go back to and update the links if there are any. This is mostly for any that you notice as we review these pages after we have them moved over.
  • Name the articles exactly the same on as they are on the TLT Wiki. This way internal links will work when everything is copied over.
    • Capitalization is key! Please make sure that you copy over the name EXACTLY as it is in the TLT wiki – capitalization and all!!
  • IMPORTANT - Do NOT use a "&" in any page titles. You can, however, use them in headings and in the body of the articles.