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Article popups, or information boxes that appear when you hover over a link to another wiki article, were enabled on our Knowledge Base in December 2020 by installing the Popups extension. The extension works on all direct, internal links (i.e., article name enclosed in double square brackets) automatically. Links to external pages will not render a popup.

Things to know

  • Popups only work on articles saved in the Main namespace. For example, they do not appear in this community portal area wherein articles are stored in the WSU Technology Knowledge Base namespace.

Making popups pop

For the most part, popups just work automatically and there really isn't much we need to do to manage them. However, here are some solutions for a couple of issues that might pop up (see what I did there?).

Removing text from a popup summary

Use a div or span tag and the noexcerpt class to prevent text from being included in a popup summary box. This can be handy when you have a very short article summary and the popup is dipping down into the article content or you want to truncate a long summary. Use a div tag to do a block-level excerpt and a span tag to excerpt a smaller inline portion of text.

<div class="noexcerpt">
Stuff you don't want included in the popup summary.

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