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Discussion or talk pages are associated with every wiki article and are accessed using the Discussion tab at the top of the article. If the word Discussion in the tab is red, it indicates that the page has not been created yet (i.e., there are no comments posted to the page).

What Purpose Do Discussion Pages Serve?

The overall purpose of a discussion page is to help build and improve the article. Keep posts to a discussion page focused on the article. This could include:

  • Posting editorial notes and reminders to yourself on your own articles
  • Providing feedback and suggestions for improvement on other authors' articles
  • Supporting threaded discussion among authors about the article

Who Can See Discussion Pages? Who Can Edit Them? Are They Searchable?

Any reader can select the Discussion tab and view the contents of any discussion page. Only authors can edit them. Discussion pages are stored in a separate namespace, not the Main namespace. As such, they are not discoverable by default when readers search the wiki.

  • Any discussion page attached to an article in the Main namespace is stored in the Talk: namespace
  • Any discussion page attached to an article in the WSU Technology Knowledge Base is stored in the WSU Technology Knowledge Base Talk: namespace

Pro Tips

  • Start new discussions with a Level 2 heading. No need to sign the discussion heading.
  • Sign all discussion posts using the signature icon in the editor
  • Indent replies to posts and replies using one or more colons
  • Remove resolved discussions
  • Modify discussion headings, move discussions to other talk pages, and split discussions as needed.

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