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WSU faculty using YouTube to capture video with your webcam to create, deliver, and capture lecture materials.

About This Article

YouTube Webcam Recorder is a web-based recording tool that allows you to capture video and easily upload these to your YouTube Channels. This article describes how to capture video with your laptop and upload this video content to YouTube.


The YouTube Webcam Recorder

The YouTube Webcam Recorder is a web-based video capturing tool that allows you to create quick and easy instructional videos for your students. This tool is apart of a larger video capturing suite of resources that includes a photo slideshow recorder, Google+ hangouts for conducting synchronous desktop video conferences, and a basic video editor. In this article you will find the steps for recording a basic video with the Youtube Webcam recorder.

YouTube Webcam Recorder.png

Steps to Record with YouTube Webcam

1. Log into your YouTube channel (see at

2. Next you will need to setup your webcam and microphone by choosing the Allow option for both devices. YouTube Audeo and Video Settings.PNG

3. Select the record button and the bottom of the viewing screen and begin recording. Once you are done simply stop recording and upload your video.

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