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Winona State University is prepared to accommodate instructors teaching fully in-person, blended, or mostly online courses this fall who must miss class meetings for COVID-related reasons. Instructors should plan for the possibility that they may be absent from the classroom should they be required to self-isolate.

Remote in versus move online

Instructors of fall courses with scheduled, in-person class meetings who are required to self-isolate unexpectedly will need to decide whether their students should continue to gather in the assigned classroom. TLT ( supports several options for allowing instructors to join their classrooms from a distance. However, instructors should think carefully about the quality of this experience for students and whether switching to synchronous online meetings in Zoom or asynchronous online interaction would suffice for the duration of their absence. Remoting into a classroom would be a good option for class meetings in which students are working independently or in groups and the instructor serves as a coach or guide as needed. Lecture-style class meetings might be better served by an all-online Zoom session, recorded lecture, or alternative online activities.

Remote instructors versus students

While all of the options for bringing remote students in to a live classroom session can also be used to bring in a remote instructor, the situation is different in that there is no one in the classroom responsible for managing that process. Who will be responsible for initiating the connection with the remote instructor during class? There are two general solutions: ask students in the classroom to do it or ask TLT (

Accomodation options

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