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Instructors teaching fully in-person, blended, or mostly online courses this fall can choose to live stream from a remote location to a class meeting should they be unable to attend in-person meetings for COVID-related reasons. This will allow instructors who must self-isolate temporarily to continue to support their students to meet in-person. The options listed in this article are intended for instructors only.

Options for remoting in to a classroom

Reserve a video conferencing room

If possible, instructors can change the location of their class meetings to a specially-equipped video conferencing room for the duration of their absence. TLT ( would then be responsible for making the connection from that room to a Zoom meeting session at the designated time. Students would show up in-person and the instructor would join the Zoom session remotely. Consult a list of our video conference rooms on both the Winona and Rochester campuses.

Zoom meeting and student laptops

Using their Winona State University laptop provided through the eWarrior Digital Life and Learning Program, any student in any learning space has the ability to join a Zoom meeting session during class time to interact with a remote instructor. Students working in the classroom in small groups could be signed in to the Zoom meeting where they could interact with the instructor as needed. A student in the classroom could broadcast the Zoom meeting session, wired or wirelessly, to the classroom projector so all students in the room could see and hear the instructor.

Rapid Deployment Collaboration System

TLT ( can deliver a Rapid Deployment Collaboration System to a classroom for temporary use by a remote instructor during a COVID-related absence. These mobile carts include a 55-inch screen, a high-quality camera and microphone, and the hardware required to run the Zoom Rooms and Conference Room Connector applications. They are intended to be used in medium to small, seminar-type meetings in rooms without Think of this cart as the instructor. It would likely be positioned at a conference table or the open end of a horseshoe-shaped table prior to the start of class. Instructors would join the associated Zoom meeting and their webcam video would be displayed on the cart's screen. The instructor could see and hear the classroom activity and speak to the entire class as if present in the room. The instructor would also have the ability to display the contents of a laptop screen (e.g., PowerPoint presentation) to the classroom's projector while speaking to the class through the screen and speakers on the cart. There are a limited number of these carts available and their use should be weighed against

Telepresence robot

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