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Winona State University maintains a set of video conferencing rooms in both Winona and Rochester for academic and administrative use. These rooms include built-in features such as cameras and microphones that facilitate connections with similarly configured rooms and participants in other locations. These rooms can be reserved through the EMS room reservation system.


All Winona State University video conferencing rooms include:

  • Installed cameras. Some rooms have multiple cameras that can be controlled by the instructor and some focus on the speaker automatically.
  • Installed microphones. All video conferencing rooms include installed microphones that cover the entire space.
  • Zoom compatibility. All video conferencing rooms are fully Zoom-compatible. You can use a room-specific Zoom session for meetings in these rooms.

Room list



  • SLC 120
  • Stark 103
  • Stark 303a
  • Stark B6
  • Stark 3rd FLoor Nursing Skills Labs


  • Maxwell 151
  • Maxwell 158
  • Maxwell 289
  • Maxwell 204
  • Maxwell 257
  • Mawell Interview Rooms
  • Maxwell


  • Watkins 102
  • Watkins 105h

Education Village

  • Cathedral 101
  • Helble CE Interview Rooms


  • Somsen Hall Auditorium
  • Engagement Center Marketing Interview Rooms
  • Somsen 207e Technical Support Center Training Room


  • Krysko 249



  • Broadway 303
  • Broadway 307
  • Broadway 313


  • Rochester ST110
  • Rochester ST118
  • Rochester ST108
  • Rochester SH 101
  • Rochester SH 201
  • Rochester Nursing Skills Labs

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