Adding a Passcode to an iPad

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Enable a Passcode lock to avoid unwanted access by family, friends, or anyone else unauthorized to use your iPad. The use of a Passcode protects the iPad from being used by people other than yourself protecting personal information. Setting up a Passcode for your WSU iPad is required.

  • Select Settings from the Home Menu


  • Under the General section, select "Passcode Lock."
  • Enter the top option, "Turn Passcode On," and another window will appear asking you to set the code. Pick a four-digit number that is easy for you to remember, but not obvious to others.
  • Re-enter the passcode when prompted, and the iPad will now be passcode protected.


  • Press the power button to lock the iPad. Press it a second time to wake the iPad. You will be prompted to enter your passcode. Do so to make sure it works properly.

NOTE: On the same page, you can also enable a more secure passcode. Turn off Simple Passcode to enable the option of entering a more complex code that includes letters as well as numbers.

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