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IPad.jpg The Apple iPad is a tablet device designed and developed by Apple.

WSU iPad Setup for Students

The following two steps are mandatory for you to complete before you can use your WSU iPad. For security reasons you must add a four digit security passcode, setup your student profile, and setup "Find My iPad". Please follow the two steps below to complete these requirements.

iOS 9

Important iPad Info

Find My iPad

WSU requires that Location Services and Find My iPad are enabled in order to find, recover, or erase a lost or stolen iPad, all of which you can do yourself by logging in to with your Apple ID.

Your iPad will not be tracked by WSU unless you report it as missing or stolen. The passcode requirement is required to safeguard your information. Once the iPad has a passcode lock it is automatically encrypted and your data is secured.

Other Information

iPad Applications

Stock Applications

iPad Stock Applications are the apps that come preinstalled on your iPad.

iPad Apps/App Store

The Apple iPad App Store has a huge collection of mobile apps which are easy to access, easy to search, and easy to download - using the same Apple ID account you use on iTunes. Here are just a few examples of what is available.

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