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Your iPad is an invaluable device for more reasons than just reading and entertainment. One great example is found in the Utilities section of the App Store. Here you'll find everything from flashlights and digital sticky notes to device diagnostic tools. There are many, many Utility apps, and the common factor is that they all work FOR you.

These apps can be loaded to your iPad from the "App Store" icon found on your iPad. They also can be found on WSU Apps.


Calculator Pro for iPad Free

A calculator with both a standard and scientific mode. Easy to use with large clear buttons.


MyScript Calculator

A calculator that converts hand drawn equations into calculations. Includes functions for trigonometry.


PCalc Lite

A scientific calculator with powerful conversion functions, such as converting inches to centimeters or kilometers per hour to meters per second. It also has several built in constants to utilize in calculations such as the golden ratio or the mass of the moon.


Desire 2 Learn Binder

This app allows you to connect to D2L using a free edudentity account or Facebook account. Once connected you have access to all of your D2L documents and files that your professors have posted. These can be viewed, downloaded, and annotated.


QR Reader

A powerful QR code reader, QR Reader has the ability to both scan and create QR codes and then share them in a variety of manners.

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