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This is a list of some of the available tutorial pages for iPad on the wiki. View and try out each step to begin becoming an iPad pro.

How to Turn an iPad On or Off

Customizing the iPad Home Screen

How to Create a folder on your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad

Keeping Your iPad Clean and Running Efficiently

Tablet General Care

IPad Multitasking Bar

Using Gestures on iPad

Copying and Pasting on iPad

Spotlight Search on iPad

Adding a Passcode to an iPad

Backing Up an iPad to iCloud

Redeem iTunes Gift Codes on iPad

Here are some additional tasks to try out to further your iPad skills.

ロOpen the Camera app and take a picture.

ロOpen the Photos app and view the picture you just took.

ロOpen the Notes app and try writing. This is a good time to practice copying and pasting.

ロInstall iBooks and download the most recent iPad User Guide for free.

ロTry some of the recommended apps listed at WSU iPad Setup.

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