Keeping Your iPad Clean and Running Efficiently

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iPads, just like any other mobile device, require a little maintenance to keep them in the best possible working condition. We have a few tips for you to help with maintaining your iPad.

1. Keep the case on your iPad at all times to reduce the risk of incidents such as a cracked screen, or damage to internal hardware.

2. Keep the iOS updated. Updates automatically pop up on your iPad and following the instructions for the update will allow your device to maximize its potential.

3. Back up your iPad frequently, whether you back it up to iCloud or iTunes.

4. Quitting opened apps is a way to save space and battery life on your iPad.

  • Double Click the home button. IPAD 2 FAULTY HOME BUTTON.JPG
  • Tap and hold a page, then slide up with your finger to remove application.


5. Letting your iPad battery drain once a week and then fully recharging it will help prolong the life of you battery.

6. Rebooting your iPad can be very helpful and can help you fix many problems (apps crashing, iPad running slow.) You can reboot the iPad by holding down the lock button and then swiping the bar across the screen when you are prompted. To turn iPad back on, you can hold down the lock button again.


7. Be sure to not leave you iPad in conditions that will either freeze it or cause it to overheat (i.e. hot or cold cars, direct sunlight). Overheating or freezing of your iPad will cause damage to your battery life and in some cases, the internal components. The warning will display like this if iPad getting too hot.


For any other questions you may have regarding your iPad:

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