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Student Survival Guide
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This page provides students information on setting up and using the WSU iPad Mini. The iPad Mini is currently available to students by departmental request only, and is typically paid for by the department. Talk with your department adviser or call Tech Support at (507) 457-5240 to learn more.

Mobile Devices and Agreements

How Do I Setup/Backup/Reset My WSU iPad Mini?

  • WSU iPad Setup
    • Includes iPad setup, important info and specific application information.

Questions about the WSU iPad

e-Warrior Specific Questions

  • Am I eligible to receive the iPad Mini along with my WSU laptop?
    • Please talk with your academic adviser to see if you are eligible.
  • What do I do if my iPad is lost or stolen?
    • First of all have you setup and tried to find it using "Find My iPad"? Information on this can be found on Find My iPhone or iPad. If this does not help you then you need to file a police report immediately with your local police department. Once the police give you a report number or a copy of the report, bring that report to Tech Support in Somsen 207 and we'll help to get you a replacement device.
  • What do I do if my iPad is damaged?
    • Bring it to Tech Support in Somsen 207 immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the damage could get.
    • Be careful with cracked glass screens. The glass can cut you if broken. Be safe, be smart, bring it in.
    • If the device was spilled on power it down ASAP, unplug anything attached to it, and bring it right to Somsen 207.
      • Avoid using anything to dry off the device. Towels will push the moisture further into the device, fans/dryers just push in the moisture and can further damage the device with heat.
  • Can I buy accessories for my iPad like a case, a stylus, or a keyboard?
    • You are free to purchase your own accessories, but Tech Support will not provide them for you, nor can we repair them for you.
  • I have lost my iPad power cord. Can I get a new one?
    • Yes, please stop in to Tech Support in Somsen 207 to get a replacement. The amount for replacement will be charged to your student account.
      • Apple's pricing changes frequently for replacement parts, so the price for replacement may vary.
  • Can I let my friends or family use my iPad?
    • Yes, but the device is under your care. Any damage or malfunction caused by others is your responsibility. Tech Support will not bill your friend for damage they caused to your device.
  • Why was AirWatch installed on the iPad?
    • AirWatch fulfills our campus requirement for management of mobile devices. It allows WSU to push apps that students or teachers may need for specific classes. When those classes are over WSU can then remove that app, saving space on the iPad.
    • Additionally AirWatch can:
      • Save you time and money by purchasing and pushing paid apps to your iPad for free.
        • For example, say you need three apps for a Chemistry class, AirWatch can automatically add those apps to your iPad when you enroll in the class, then remove them when you’re done with the class.
      • Automatically determine your settings for WSU email, contacts, calendars, VPN, Warrior wi-fi, etc.
      • Give you one-click access to WSU websites such as MyWSU, e-Home, D2L, etc.
      • Track the device if it is reported as lost or stolen (WSU will NOT track the device for any other reason.)
      • Push WSU security settings, for example to block/blacklist known malicious apps.
        • WSU will only block apps that are known to infect or compromise a mobile device.
        • WSU will not block the installation of any legitimate apps or websites.
      • Think of it almost like antivirus for your iPad. It simply ensures WSU can protect the device.

General Use

  • Is there anything I can do to become more proficient at using my iPad?
    • Yes, see the iPad Checklist for a list of possible activities and how to do them.
  • Should I use my WSU email address for my Apple ID?
    • You may use your WSU email address for your Apple ID, but you don't have to. The Apple ID that you use for your WSU iPad should be unique to this iPad. If you use a shared account or a different personal account your information will be synced with other devices that use that account. You do not want this to happen.
  • I've forgotten my passcode, what do I do?
    • The best answer is to try and remember your passcode. If, however, this proves impossible the device will need to be reset. If you are unsure how to do this yourself bring the iPad into WSU Tech Support and we'll help you through the process.
  • What happens if I want to reset my iPad? Will I still be able to use it with WSU services?
    • If you are backing up to iCloud or iTunes and reset your iPad and restore the backup WSU services should prompt you to reenroll. If you reset your iPad as a new iPad you will need to Enroll in AirWatch.
  • What am I suppose to use the iPad for?
    • The iPad has a variety of uses; several classes are using them actively as part of the class with uses ranging from taking down information regarding patient care to writing Chinese characters. In some cases incorporating the iPad into your schooling will be your responsibility. It can be used for such activities as notetaking, social networking, and general content consumption.
  • Can I print from my iPad?
  • How can I send files back and forth between my iPad and my computer?
    • The quickest and easiest way to send files back and forth is via email, most apps will have a share button (looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it) that will present you with the option to email yourself a copy of the file you are working on. Alternatively you can connect your iPad to your laptop with the included USB cable and transfer some files by connecting to specific programs like iPhoto on Mac to transfer pictures. You may also use cloud storage services and their respective apps to help manage your files.
  • Can I back up my iPad with anything other than iCloud?
    • Yes, you can use iTunes to back up your iPad on your Mac or PC laptop. But if the files are deleted on your laptop or something goes wrong with your laptop the backup may become irretrievable. If you are trying to store documents, cloud storage can be a great alternative.
  • What are iPad "Gestures" and where can I find out more about them?
    • Multitouch gestures are one of the best hidden features of iOS on the iPad. The quickest way to get around is by Using Gestures on iPad. If you want more information you can search for "iPad Gestures" in your favorite browser. You can also search on YouTube for "iPad Gestures" and find videos on gestures such as this one.
  • Which password should I use?
    • Usually you will use your StarID and password to log in. Which WSU Password should I use for what?
  • Where are the accessibility options?


  • Can I bring my iPad into Technical Support Center if I have questions?
    • Yes. Please be sure to come in and talk to the technicians in Technical Support (Somsen 207) if you have any issues or questions. You can also call TSC Phone Support at 507.457.5240.
    • Email:


  • What is e-Wazoo?
  • How do I download applications offered by WSU?
    • Select the WSU Apps icon on your home screen and select which apps you want to install.
  • Will I be able to get free applications through WSU?
    • Yes, AirWatch, WSU's mobile device management solution, will push some free applications to your device. Other applications can be downloaded via the WSU Apps icon on your home screen.
  • Will my professors ever ask me to pay for my own apps in a class?
    • They may. App decisions are made on a per class basis, professors may choose to have you download certain apps for use in their classes. Think of these apps as the digital equivalent of buying books for a class.
  • What apps are absolutely essential for survival on campus?
    • Selecting one of several Note Taking Apps available for the iPad is a good idea. OneNote is provided to students via Airwatch.
  • What WSU-related apps are offered for use?
    • We recommend the WSU App itself. This should be accessible from your home screen once your iPad is fully set up.
  • Can I install whatever software I want, like games?
    • Yes, the device is associated with your Apple ID and you are responsible for deciding what apps should be on your WSU device.