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Use this Brightspace grade book quick guide if you have never used this tool before, use a points-based grading method, just want to add some columns to your grade book, and enter grades into those columns by hand, all in the fewest number of clicks possible, If you have more complex grading needs and requirements, review the linked articles.

Open your grade book

  1. Log in to Brightspace and open your course.
  2. Select Grades from the Assessments menu.
  3. Select the Enter Grades tab. This will display your grade book as a spreadsheet, with your students as rows and two default columns under the Final Grades category: Final Calculated Grades and Final Adjusted Grades.

Setting up your grade book

Setup Wizard
  1. Use the Setup Wizard to set the properties of your grade book.

Many who are surprised how easy this process is set up their grade book want to learn how to enter grades. The Enter grades in your Brightspace grade book manually article covers this process.

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