Control Panel Installations (PC)

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WSU pre-loads software onto all of our campus-owned devices. You can install additional software on your WSU-issued Windows computer via the Control Panel or Software Center.

To find a more comprehensive list of available software, please use Software Center.

  • To use Control Panel installers you must be connected to the WSU campus network via Wi-Fi or VPN.
  • NOTE: Some installs may take up to 30 minutes. Thank you for your patience.

Using Control Panel Installers

  • Click on the Start Button Start Button.JPG
  • Then Type in “Install a program” and select “Install a program from the network” from the list.

Install a program 2.png

  • The available programs will appear. Double-click the program you wish to install.


  • If you do not see any items in the list please ensure you are either connected to a campus Wi-Fi network or VPN.
  • Double-click on the program you wish to install and a new window will appear to begin the installation.
  • Click Run, Open, Next or Allow as necessary when/if prompted.
  • When the install has completed, the windows will close and you may be prompted with a message informing you the install is complete.
  • If the installed application doesn't open automatically after install, search for it in your Start Menu.