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Fig 1. Select Create a File from the Upload/Create menu

About this article

This article includes instructions for creating a new topic in a D2L course table of contents (TOC) by uploading a file.

What does it mean to create a new content page?

Content Topics contain information that you wish to pass to the students. They reside in Content under the Materials tab in the navigation bar.

There are several ways that this information can be passed, one of which is to input it directly into a content page using the HTML Editor.

Creating a new content page with the HTML Editor

  1. Open up a D2L course, select the Materials menu, and select Content.
  2. Select the module or sub-module into which you want to add a link to an external activity.
  3. Click the Upload/Create button and select Create a File (See Fig. 1)
  4. Enter the information you wish to add to the content using the HTML Editor.
  5. The activity will be added to the bottom of the module

There is information on Adding materials using the HTML Editor Tool available in this wiki.

Moving the added activity in the table of contents

You can move the external activity around in the table of contents for the course just like any other piece of content. The instructions are in this Wiki article.

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