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Starting Fall 2010, all student clubs must have a website to receive funding.

Getting Webspace

Before you can start building your website, you must choose a webmaster in the club. This person will be responsible for learning how to build and maintain the website and will be the person who gets access to the webserver. Once you have chosen a webmaster, follow the directions on the StudentClubs page for requesting space. StudentClubs is the name of the server for all club websites.

Website Prep

Before we actually start working on your website, we need to set up our working area. First you should download the Student Clubs Website template using the link below. This file is zipped and will need to be unzipped before use. For directions on how to unzip a file see the zipped page. After you unzip the file you should now have 3 files:

Template Zip File

The zip file above contains these three files:

  • Default.asp
  • i_site_right.asp
  • i_site_start.asp

Once you have the files create a folder on your computer somewhere for the website, you will store a copy of the website on your computer for editing purposes so you are not editing the live site. On both Mac and PC there should be a webs folder, inside there would be a good place. Name it whatever you like to identify your website. Inside that folder place your unzipped template, inside that folder. Also in your website folder, create an images folder and name it "images". In that folder place a copy of any pictures you would like to use on your website.

Dreamweaver Setup

If you have not already installed dreamweaver, install it from Software_Center

Once you have Dreamweaver installed go to Site at the top menu and click New Site and then switch into the Advanced tab. From there you should see Local Info on the right-hand side highlighted, this is where we will be telling Dreamweaver where our local copy of the website is. There are 3 things you should set:

  • Site Name: The name of your site, not displayed, just for you to identify the site.
  • Local Root Folder: The folder on your computer for your website, click the folder icon and navigate to it. Double check the path! Make sure it has the full path to your folder, sometimes is dosent pick up the last folder, you can manually type it in.
  • Default Images Folder: Like above, set it to your images folder and double check it has the whole thing.

Now click on Remote Info On the left hand side. From there you will need to set the Access to Local/Network and then go to the StudentClubs page and enter the correct details for your platform, Mac or PC.

Configuring the Template

In Dreamweaver under the Files area double click i-site-start.asp. What will open is what appears to be a blank page, change to code view by clicking Code at the top. Set the three variables by removing what is inside the quotations with your information. Save and close this page.

Open the page I_site_right.asp and switch back to design view. Add in your club officers replacing the text Officer 1, Officer 2, etc.

There are also four links you can set. To set one of the links click where it says Link1, type the word you want to be the link. And at the bottom of the Dreamweaver window under Properties where it says Link type in the FULL address of the website, and that will now be a link. Save and close that page.

Now open the final page default.asp and make sure you are in design view. Where it says Page Title type in the title for this page, whatever you would like. Where it says This Container is 628 Pixels Wide, the Right Container is 345 Pixels Wide and the word content deleate that text and fill it with your own. If you would like to add images first save them into the images folder on your computer and then in dreamweaver click and drag them onto the page where you would like them. The page will not look correct till it is uploaded.

Uploading your website

To upload your site make sure you are connected to the network and have done on the steps you need to on the StudentClubs page. After that click on your main site folder in dreamweaver, the one that says something like Site - Video Game Club or whatever your club is. Then click on the blue Up arrow and your site will upload. Now go to<website name here> and you will see your website as it appears on the web! If you do not like something, go back in to Dreamweaver, change it, and reupload your website.

Beyond the Template

If you would like to make a website custom to your club not using the template, contact the DLC at or by calling Phone Support and set up an appointment for website help.