DLC Spring 2019 Class Projects/Emmanuel Felix

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Overview of Project

Teacher candidates in this course learn various evidence-based practices (EBP) to provide effective physical education instruction to students with various disabilities. One such EBP is video modeling. Use of video modeling instruction (basic, self- and perspective types) requires a teacher to present a short (10-15 second clip) video of a target behavior to a student with a disability. For students who have verbal processing limitations, the use of video modeling can more effectively facilitate task understanding and completion. DLC project goals consist of preparing these teacher candidates to (a) capture video of desired behaviors (psychomotor and behavioral/social skills) using a variety of video capture technologies; (b) edit video suitable for task presentation (appropriate length, video quality, narration, and/or captioning) such as iMovie; (c) storing and organizing video files for feasible access. Attainment of DLC project goals will assist in reaching other critical class objectives identified below:

  • Teacher candidates will embed video clips into various technology-aided instruction and intervention (TAII) mediums
    • Smartboard (Notebook software)
    • iPad (Exercise Buddy Pro)
  • Teacher candidates will capture still images from various video clips to embed in various visual support mediums
    • Smartboard (Notebook software)
    • iPad (Exercise Buddy Pro)
  • Teacher candidates will post images and video clips to Office 365 OneDrive App and share these with others

Requested Software/Technology

  • iPad
  • iMovie
  • Office 365 OneDrive App
  • Smartboard (Notebook software)
  • Exercise Buddy Pro

Training/Support Goals

  • Personalize iPads
  • Introduce the camera and show how to capture photos and video
  • Introduce process of uploading video to iMovie
    • Cover, if time permits, basics of video editing (i.e editing audio, adding narration, cuttings and cropping content, and adding subtitles)
  • Learn how to saving video content to OneDrive App
  • Instal Smartboard (Notebook software)
  • Install Exercise Buddy Pro

DLC STARS Assigned

  • Teaghen Bertz

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