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Professor Lungerhausen uses OneNote in his classes. This resource is designed to provide you support in the use of this powerful tool as you complete assignments for your coursework. Specifically, we will walk you through this unique Microsoft tool by covering how the editor works, the process for importing images, taking screen clips, and aspects of tagging notes. The use of LinkedIn Learning content is extensive so please head directly to the section on signing up for your LinkedIn Learning account first so that you can access all the video training resources we have curated for you on this page.


How to activate your LinkedIn Learning account

We have created a series of LinkedIn Learning video content to help you use these many different functions, found in OneNote, but you will need to follow these three steps to create a LinkedIn Learning account.

Step 1: Login

The first time you sign into your WSU LinkedIn Learning account, it will activate that account and if you had an account with lynda.com it will pull over any saved information from that account.

Follow the steps below to log into LinkedIn Learning for the first time:

  1. Use your favorite web browser to go to the LinkedIn Learning homepage at https://www.linkedin.com/learning
  2. Select the Sign In button at the top of the page (Fig 1)
  3. On the first login screen, use your Winona State email address, i.e, djohnson14@winona.edu or doug.johnson@go.winona.edu (Fig 2)
  4. On the next screen, select Sign in with Single Sign-On (Fig 3).

Step 2: Decide if you want to link your personal LinkedIn account

  • You will be asked whether you want to connect your personal LinkedIn account, if you have one, to your WSU LinkedIn Learning account. (Fig 4 and 5) You do not need a personal LinkedIn account to use LinkedIn Learning and you do not need to connect the two. LinkedIn is a popular online resume and professional networking service and connecting the two services has some advantages. You can always decide to do it later and the two can be disconnected later. Please note that, if you connect the two, you will use your "personal LinkedIn" username and password to log into your "LinkedIn Learning" account from that point forward.

Step 3: Select topics that interest you

  • You will be asked to select topics/skills of Interest to you (select 3 to start with). Your choices will help LinkedIn Learning populate your homepage with recommended courses. After selecting some topics, you will continue to your LinkedIn Learning homepage.

Using the OneNote Editor

The way Microsoft_OneNote handles your edits and content can seem a bit different than other Microsoft products and after viewing this video you will see how the sections, pages, and basic edits are handled to keep your notes organized.

You may also want to view content from another application and OneNote will allow you to print content into your notebooks to keep formatting and styles in your OneNote version. While you could copy and paste this method, however, this method allows you to have a much closer version of the content you were viewing online, from a document, or presentation.

Importing Images

The use of images something you may want to use for sharing research artifacts in this class. Adding these to your notes is very similar to many of the other Microsoft products, but the following video walks you through the details of this process.

Capturing Screen Clips

This is another area where OneNote is different than another Microsoft is different. In the following video, you will learn the different ways you can do screen clips.

Search and Taggin Notes

Have you ever found yourself wondering where an old set of notes are or need to follow up on a task that you lost track of while studying? OneNote is brilliant at allowing you to search for old content and tag notes so that you can easily find resources and checklists. The following videos explain how to search and tag your notes.

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