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LinkedIn Learning ( is an online learning platform licensed by Winona State University that provides access to thousands of self-paced courses led by professional instructors. Any Winona State University student or employee can sign in to LinkedIn Learning using their StarID credentials. Courses consist of a series of short videos designed to help you develop your creative, technical, and business skills. LinkedIn Learning provides continuous, self-service access to videos via multiple devices, at home or on the go, online or offline. When you finish a course, download a certificate of completion and share it through social media and your online resume, where employers can identify your skills and professional interests. Instructors can curate collections of LinkedIn videos, share them with students, and monitor their progress.

Sign In - First need to Activate your LinkedIn Learning account

Before you can start using LinkedIn Learning, you will need to activate your Winona State University account. This involves signing in to the LinkedIn Learning website using your StarID credentials, deciding whether to connect your LinkedIn Learning account with your LinkedIn account, and selecting several topics of interest. Your account will remain active as long as you are a Winona State University student or employee.

LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn

Both LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn are Microsoft products, designed to be used together to support lifelong professional development as described in the video below. Winona State University licenses and supports LinkedIn Learning for all students and employees. Your personal LinkedIn account, if you choose to create and maintain one, is not associated with Winona State University. While there are a number of benefits to connecting the two accounts, the choice is yours.


Using LinkedIn Learning Content in your Courses

If you are a faculty member that previously had assigned playlist in and would like to access these in LiL, contact

Learning Paths, Collections, Courses or videos can all be shared with students via a link. They can also be shared using a Group that is populated with a list of students that you want to Recommend content to. The use of Groups requires admin permissions, so if you are interested in using Groups, please contact to get your account upgraded.

Common Functions Learners may want to do

URL to use for LinkedIn Learning: Remember to select Sign in with your organization account when you sign in.


What's the difference between LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Learning is a library of online courses licensed by WSU. LinkedIn is a personal online resume service and professional networking tool. Both are owned by Microsoft and can be integrated if you wish.

Do I need a LinkedIn account to use LinkedIn Learning?

No. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can choose to connect the two, but LinkedIn Learning is a standalone service that can be used effectively without any connection to LinkedIn.

Why would I connect my LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning accounts?

Doing so has some benefits currently and the value of the integration is likely to improve over time. Currently, you receive LinkedIn Learning course recommendations based on your LinkedIn profile and you can switch from one to the other seamlessly.

Must I connect my LinkedIn account now or can I do it later?

You can connect the two at any time.

If I connect my LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning accounts, what username and password do I use?

After you have activated your WSU LinkedIn Learning account and connected it to your LinkedIn account, you will use your personal LinkedIn username and password to log into your LinkedIn Learning account from that point forward.

If I connect my LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning accounts, can I disconnect them?

Yes, but it requires submitting a ticket to LinkedIn technical support. You cannot disconnect the two yourself.

Why do I have to login with my LinkedIn credentials every time?

If you connected your LinkedIn account with your LinkedIn Learning account, you will be prompted to login using your LinkedIn credentials. This is to protect member privacy, so that no personal profile information is shared with your WSU LinkedIn Learning account. Note that your browser cache may keep the credentials for you so that you may not have to re-authenticate each time.

Why do I have to re-authenticate?

If you have not used LinkedIn Learning for more than 30 days, your browser cookie my have refreshed and you will need to re-authenticate. Another reason may be that you are using a different browser or computer.

Need more help?

If you have more questions or concerns regarding LinkedIn Learning, please do the following:

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