Searching for LinkedIn Learning Courses or Subjects

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Searching for LinkedIn Learning Courses or Subjects

The SearchIcon.pngSearch bar at the top of Learning pages allows you to search for courses, subjects, skills, videos, instructors, and more.

To run a search on LinkedIn Learning:

Enter your keywords in the SearchIcon.pngSearch bar at the top of the page. Select an option from the dropdown of suggestions that appears as you type, or click the SearchIcon.pngSearch icon to run the search. You can sort your search results by best match, view count, and most newly added content. To sort your search results, click the SortByIcon.png dropdown from the upper right corner of the search results page.

You can make your Learning search results more focused by using the advanced search filters. The advanced search filters in LinkedIn Learning allow you to narrow down your search results, and only view content that is most relevant to you.

Using advanced search filters

To filter search results:

  1. Navigate to the left rail of your initial search results page.
  2. You can filter your results based on the following:
  • Content by – You can choose between searching for content added by your organization, or filtering from the LinkedIn Learning course catalog. Please note that this filter only appears for learners whose Learning license is provided to them by their organization.
  • Type – Allows you to filter results by courses, videos, learning paths, and/or links.
  • Level – You can use this to filter content based on difficulty. The filter is divided into content for beginners, intermediate, or advanced learners.
  • Time to complete – Allows you to choose the duration of your content.
  • Software – Allows you to filter results based on the software you’d be most interested to learn.

Note: You can select multiple search filters at the same time.

If you are looking for an exact phrase, it's often best to use quotation marks around the phrase to find exactly what you want. For example, if you're looking for training on soft focus techniques, it would be better to search for "soft focus" with the quotation marks, instead of without.

If you wish to browse for Learning content without searching for specific keywords, you can use the LinkedIn Learning Library.

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