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About this Article

LinkedIn Learning ( is available to all WSU students, faculty and staff. This article will show you the basic navigation on the main page of LinkedIn Learning.

Signing In

You will sign in to your LinkedIn Learning account at with your WSU email address or if you have linked your LinkedIn account with LiL, then you will use the username and password that you use for LinkedIn.

Home Page

When you activated your account you were asked to provide areas of interest. Your home page will provide suggestions for training based on your profile and your selected interests. You can edit your list of skills at any time.

The home page also has links to any training courses you have started or saved.



  1. LinkedIn Learning Logo will take to the home page anywhere within LiL.
  2. Browse icon gives you drop-down menu of LiL topics to choose from where you can narrow down to the type of topic you are looking for.
  3. Search field allows you to type in keywords to search LiL for courses and content matching your search terms.
  4. Home icon will return you to the home page.
  5. In Progress icon shows any courses you are currently working on.
  6. Saved icon shows your LiL content that you have saved.
  7. Me icon give you your account setts and you can review your LiL content.
  8. WSU logo access the From Your Organization tab which contains courses, collections and other resources that have been recommended by other WSU users.

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