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Project Details

This project is designed to help students within Professor Mettille's courses record Zoom Breakout sessions download and share videos via D2L Brightspace Assignment Submission Folders. In this resource, you will learn all about the process of recording in Zoom Breakout Rooms, locate recordings, uploading these recordings to MediaSpace, and share your videos to a D2L BrightSpace Assignment Submission Folder.

Recording in Zoom Breakout Rooms

During your group work in Zoom, you will need to record these sessions. These will be recordings that download to your computer locally (i.e., when you are in your professor Zoom meeting you do not have the option to record to the cloud). It is recommended to have two people from each group record so that you have a backup if the primary recording is lost or fails. The process of recording is a simple process of hitting the record button at the bottom of your Breakout Room and you will see Pause and Stop buttons replace the single record button. When you fish your recording will automatically download locally to your computer. This may go fast and many don't even see the prompts, but the following steps explain where your recording download to on your computer after you leave the class session.

  1. When you end your Zoom session Zoom will download the recording locally on your computer.
  2. To find the recording you will go to your Documents folder on your computer and locate a folder called Zoom.
  3. Within the Zoom folder, you will see a sub-folder(s) with all your session-folders (these are named by the date of your Zoom session).
  4. Within the session folders will be a file with the name Zoom_#.mp4 and this is your video file. This should be uploaded to MediaSpace.

Upload Video Files to MediaSpace

  1. Browse to MediaSpace at https://mediaspace.minnstate.edu
  2. Sign in with your StarID username and password. This will open your My Media page.
  3. Select Media Upload from the Add New new menu (Fig 1).
  4. Select Choose a file to upload. You will then be prompted to browse your device for a video or audio file.
  5. Once you have selected your file, a copy of it will begin to upload.

Embedding a MediaSpace video file to a Brightspace Assignment Submission Folder

If you have not already uploaded your video to MediaSpace you will need to do so. Go to Upload a media file to MediaSpace. Once your video is posted there and finished processing you can begin to post it to a Brightspace Assignment Submission Folder.

1. Go to the Assessments menu of your Brightspace course and choose the Assignments option.

2. Within the Assignments page, select the Assignment Submission Folder you want to embed your video.

3. Within the Assignment Submission Folder, click on the Insert Stuff button(2). Assignments Inser Stuff Button.JPG

4. A series of media tools will be on this page and you will choose the My Media (you may need to scroll down to see this). Discussions My Media.JPG

5. You should see all your videos load and can choose the one you are going to use by choosing the Select button and hit the "Next" button in the lower-left corner. Note:If you do not see your videos you may have your browser blocking pop-ups to this site and need to adjust this setting.

6. Click on the Insert button the one you want to have in your Assignment Submission Folder.

7. Click the Submit button and you are done.

DLC STARS/Presenter

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Other Resources

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