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English 111 - 1st Year Writing Class

Class Information (Location, Days, Times, etc

  • 2 classes, xx students
  • Will be working in groups to create Word Press web sites
  • Minne 361 for M & W, Minne 364 for T & TH
  • T & TH
    • 2:30 pm-4:50 pm
  • M & W
    • 3:00 pm-4:50 pm

Project Details

  • Students (2 class sections) are going to be working on group website projects


DLC STARS Custom Assistance Requested

  • W 11/09
    • 3:00 pm-4:50 pm
    • Jorge, Cort
  • Th 11/10
    • 2:30 pm-4:50 pm
    • Tanner

Syllabus for 60 Min Training

Create a Static website using WordPress

Setting up Your Site

Adding a custom header/banner

Adding Pages

Making your WordPress site static, not a blog

Make a full-page vs. one using the template

Adding More Main Pages

Adding Sub Pages

Adding Content

Add text from Word Document into WordPress

Add a picture and format text around it

Add outside hyperlink

How to add video from YouTube

Add audio file

To do this on a Mac:

To do this on a PC:

Make your WordPress Private

Add other users to the web site

Creating Menus

Helpful Information