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Adobe Photoshop, commonly referred to as just Photoshop, is a graphics editing program. It is currently the leader in bitmap editing and image manipulations.

The version available at WSU is the Creative Cloud edition, providing many advanced features in addition to the robust editing and photo manipulation tool which are stock and trade to the program.

For example you can now use:

  • 3-D painting and rendering tools to create and modify three dimensional creations from within Photoshop.
  • Content Aware Scaling to stretch an image while not distorting the main figures within the frame.
  • Adjustments Panel to modify an image by adjusting the saturation or intensity, without destroying the original data, making it easy to make changes as you go. This also makes it easy to choose certain areas to apply effects to.

In our online help we will describe some of the basic things that every one might need to do.

LinkedIn Learning Training

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Resources Through Adobe

Other Resources

  • For general support on Photoshop from Adobe: Go Here...
  • For online (web) help on specific topics go to Adobe's own help site: Photoshop Help