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MC225 (Audio Production)

Class Location, Days and Times

  • Needed January 11th/13th, 2011
  • Tues/Thurs, 9:30 - 10:50 am

Outline of Project(s)

These projects are aimed at helping students "see" sound pictures and, in the process, familiarizing them with broadcast equipment.

Class Projects

  • 30 Sound Effects (SFX) Story. Each student will be given a primary SFX, which he/she will develop and record in conjunction with two secondary SFX.
  • Dramatized Commercial about a product/service of your choice, employing at least two voices, plus BG music and/or SFX.
  • Diagnostic Test; “Making A Radio Commercial” audio.
  • Sound-And-Music story, employing at least three SFX and instrumental music. There should be no narration or vocal music.


  • Audacity
  • GarageBand- this will be done on the student's own time - no class time will be given.

To Be Covered

  • Downloading Audacity
    • DLC Spring 2011 Workshops/Audacity 101/Audacity
      • Follow the instructions under "Downloading Audacity" and "Importing and Saving Audio as MP3".
        • After you install Audacity, it is very important that you install the LAME Encoder according to the directions provided.
  • Basic Audacity menu overview
    • Toolbar Help Click on toolbar images/link for more information on each toolbar.
    • For descriptions on the tools in the Effects Tab go here Effects
  • Main Toolbar Audacity MAIN Toolbar Help
    • Envelope tool - controls volume
    • Editing - cutting, splicing and using the time tool
      • Time Tool - time shifting
  • Recording with external mic and other recording tips
  • Cross fading - Videos 17 & 21
  • Balancing the sound levels - keeping it consistent Video 14
  • Pulling out background noise
    • Noise Removal is located in the Effects Tab in the main control panel. It is a default effect tool.
  • Combining audio tracks
    • If you have different sound bits that you would like to unify into one single track go here Mixing
  • How to make a LEAN podcast - file compression
    • When the file is saved through the LAME encoder (which you should already have installed) as an MP3 it will automatically be compressed.

DLC STARS Class Assistance Requested

  • STARS are not available at the requested class times.
  • Jorge and Andy are assigned to this project.

Training Materials