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Digital Learning Center

Class Location, Days and Times

  • MCOM 437 Publication Practicum
  • Where: Phelps B-18
  • When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

Project Details


  • winona360.winona.edu
    • This is a secured site. You must be authorized to log in.

Publication Practicum - Spring 2016 Project Assignments

Spot News Story (event, occurrence, conflict) Feature Story (slice of life, personality piece) Novelty Feature (biggest, best, first, last, most, least, etc.) Depth Piece (follow story, or investigative details of current story) Interpretation Piece (explains facts, figures, trends) Sports Feature (personality or novelty, not game results) Localizer (local angle to regional or national topic) Updater (explain past info, connected to current topic)

Each story should include several of the following elements:

 - interview material from more than one credible source
 - facts, figures, costs, etc.
 - clarifying detail
 - one or two photographs with captions
 - one or two short video clips (:30 or less) with captions
 - an infographic chart or graph that helps explain
 - 3-5 links to additional information

Narrative styles:

 - Third-person objective
 - First-person involved, explanatory
 - Fly-on-the-wall observation
 - Reporter Stand-up or walk-and-talk
 - Voice-over Sound on Tape (VOSOT)

Article #1 Draft Due: Wednesday, Jan. 27 - Peer Evaluation Due: Friday, Jan. 29

Article #2 Draft Due: Friday, Feb. 19 - Peer Evaluation Due: Monday, Feb. 22

Article #3 Draft Due: Friday, March 18 - Peer Evaluation Due: Monday, March 21

Article #4 Draft Due: Wednesday, April 8 - Peer Evaluation Due: Monday, April 11

Article #5 Draft Due: Friday, April 22 - Peer Evaluation Due: Monday, April 25

Software Requested

What We Will Cover

  • Basic Wordpress Blog content deployment
    • adding audio, video, photographs, text
  • metatags
  • How to login to the site
  • Header photos vs page photos in the blog
  • Making an article "sticky"


  • Uzma Ghazanfar
  • Class Visit - February 8, 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

Helpful Information