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Project Details

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The English 111 Group Visual Aid Presentation is designed to provide students the opportunity to work in groups and develop a new movie pitch for Frankenstein. This assignment is designed to focus on how to create effective visual aids that engage their audience during their pitch, helps to organize their presentation for easy following, and allows presenter to verbally elaborate during their pitch. For this project we will be using a free web based tool called Moovly that allows you to create animated storyboards that will serve as the visual aid during the pitch presentation.


  • Moovly

What We Will Cover

For this project we will be visiting class to cover the process creating animated storyboards using the tool Moovly. Moovly will allow you to record the visual components of your group pitch for your new movies. During our time together and from the resources provided below, you will learn how to take your ideas and images into new and engaging ways.

Create Moovly Account

The Moovly tool is free web based video editing tool that can be accessed by going to https://www.moovly.com and selecting the Login/Sign up for free button.

Using Moovly

Once you have an account you can learn how the tool work by viewing the following introduction to Moovly.

Adding Sound to Moovly Videos

Adding sound can be a bit confusing if you don't know to drag your audio tracks onto the viewer screen instead of the timeline. The following video explains how to add audio to your videos.

Note: In order to add sound, one must move sound clip onto video preview box. From there you then can change sound options.

Publishing Moovly Video

The process of sharing your Moovly videos is requires you top publish the content to the Moovly Gallery. The following video covers this process

DLC STARS/Presenter

  • Chad Kjorlien

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