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The Best Kept Secret Around for Creating Posters - Creating posters has never been easier when you use Microsoft PowerPoint.  You can create professional looking posters without having to learn a complicated application.  Let the e-Warrior Digital Learning Commons STARS show you how easy it is to do this!

If this particular workshop is not scheduled at this time you may call TSC Phone Support and request 1:1 assistance from a DLC STAR.


  • PC and Mac

Workshop Outline/Online Course

  • Designing your poster
    • Deciding Your Layout
      • Appealing to Audience
      • Templates (Show Examples)
      • Focused (Single Message, Not Over Crowded)
      • Graphic (Graphs & Pictures Tell The Story, Not To Much Text)
      • Ordered (Well Ordered & Obvious)
    • Sizing Poster
      • Amount of Information
      • Visibility
      • WSU Printing Sizes
    • Background
      • Solid Color/Transparency
      • Gradient (Linear, Radical, Rectangle, Path, From Title)
      • Multiple Colors
      • Amount of Gradient
      • Picture/Transparency
      • Texture/Transparency
      • Pattern
    • Design Options
      • Text Boxes
      • Color (Border & Fill)
      • Text Effects
      • Rotate Textbox’s
      • Word Art: Same as Word
      • Shapes
      • Tables
      • Charts
      • Smart Art
    • Picture Options (Visual)
      • Word Effects (Copy & Paste)
      • Crop to Shapes
      • Recolor
      • Styles
      • Re-Size
      • Rotate
    • Saving Poster as PDF/JPEG for Printing
    • Any questions?
    • DLC Stars are available for 1:1 appointments for poster help