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Session Information

  • Level - Intermediate, basic experience with D2L required
  • Audience - Instructors interested in using the Quiz tool in D2L to support student .
  • Time - 50 minutes
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Before the Session

This session is hands-on, so please bring your laptop if possible. If you cannot bring a laptop, one will be provided for you.

General Description

Most instructors know the value quizzes and tests have to ascertain certain elements of student understanding of materials for defined course goals. However, this assessment method places many demands on faculty to do this effectively and efficiently. This session is designed to provide faculty with a way to learn how to successfully create a Quiz Library, pull content from the Quiz Library into a quiz, randomize questions, and activate the quiz for students. In this session we also address some of the key mistakes that can occur when creating, implementing, and analyzing quiz outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

Following this session, you will be able to...

  • Build a Question Library section with specific types of questions objectives or goals
  • Create sections of questions that will be randomly select questions for each student
  • Implement one quiz and pull questions from the Quiz Library
  • Discuss the many different quiz settings and the implications of choosing each setting
  • We will also address the five key mistakes others make when creating quizzes

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