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About this article

This article is intended for all audiences and provides information about the social media account eWazoo.

What is e-Wazoo?

eWazoo is a program at Winona State University focused on creating conversations and providing information about WSU technology. eWazoo has social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat. The accounts are updated regularly with posts aimed at engaging students in a two-way conversation about their devices and technology on campus.


e-Wazoo Posts...

  • App suggestions
  • Student and Faculty interviews
  • WSU wiki pages
  • Technology articles
  • Contests
  • Tutorials
  • Promotion of workshops and campus events
  • Technology trivia
  • "Guess the App" trivia
  • Prize giveaways
  • Videos
  • Tablet accessories spotted around campus...and much more!

Follow e-Wazoo on Social Media

Complete the following steps to follow @e-Wazoo on Social Media:

  1. Download Twitter/Instagram/SnapChat applications and create an account
  2. Search "e_Wazoo" in the search bar of the applications
  3. Follow "e_Wazoo"
  4. Use the eWazoo hashtag #AppWinonaState

WSU Events

Ewazoo group picture.jpg

Look for eWazoo at a variety of campus events including Welcome Week, Club Fairs and Homecoming. This year will be the third year eWazoo will participate in the Homecoming Parade. Look for eWazoo at these events for a chance to win prizes!

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