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How to Setup Your Infopath Form to Publish to Sharepoint Form Directory

1. Under Tools click on Submit Options.

  • Check Allow users to submit form.
  • Choose SharePoint Document Library.
  • Click on Add.
  • Input the destination (SharePoint library) that you received from TLT for storing your data.
  • If you are pasting in a SharePoint address you need to delete the Forms/AllItems.aspx at the end of the address.


  • Under File Name click on the FX button>Insert Function>choose CONCAT under Text>Fill in CONCAT fields with the desired data fields.


NOTE: It is good to use the @now configuration in one of the fields which would be displayed as now()) in one of the concat fields.


  • Click on OK and then Next>
  • Enter a name for data connection – can leave default or create our own name.
  • Click on Finish.
  • Click on Advanced.
  • Use custom message:
  • Type in the “on success” message.
  • Type in the “on failure” message.
  • After submit – close form.
  • Click on OK.

2. Under Tools click on Form Options.

  • Go through all options to be sure they are setup as you wish.
  • For instance generally we do not want people to have the ability to SAVE or SAVE AS.
  • Click on OK after you have made your choices.

3. Add a submit button somewhere on the form – usually on the bottom.

  • Click on Design Tasks>Controls
  • Drag the BUTTON control over to desired location
  • On the form, double click on the button
  • Set properties
  • Action>Submit
  • You can delete the & in the middle of the word SUBMIT.
  • Click OK

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