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Outlook is an email application that you can access online through Microsoft Office 365. Outlook can also be setup on your mobile device.

The Microsoft Outlook App is available on both the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store and is a great app for checking your email on a mobile device.

Setting-Up Outlook

WSU Laptops

All WSU laptops are now running Outlook 365.


Click on the Outlook icon

  1. Use your (students) or (employees) to log in to your account.
  2. It will ask you to add an account. Click on "Exchange or Office 365"
  3. Enter your (students) or (employees) where it asks for your E-mail address.
  4. Method: Keep the default User Name and Password
  5. Username: (students) or (employees)
  6. Password: Enter your password
  7. Make sure Configure Automatically is checked.
  8. Click on Add Account.
  9. Click on Allow when it tells you that it is being redirected


From the Start Menu Click on the Outlook icon

  1. Use your (students) or (employees) to login to your account and Click Connect.
  2. A window will then pop up. Type in your StarID Password and Click OK.
  3. Click OK when you see a window which says Account Setup is complete.
  4. Use your (students) or (employees) to Activate Office 365 and Click Next.
  5. In the next window, type in your StarID Password and Click Sign in.
  6. Click Skip for now when you see Add this account to windows.
  7. Click Done when you see You’re All Set.
  8. Click OK when you see Account Updated. (If you don’t see this, ignore it)
  9. Click Accept when you see First things first.
  10. You have now successfully setup your outlook account.

iOS And Android Devices

Backup Templates

Copy the templates that you have stored in the c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\microsoft\templates to your file back up location.

Accessing a shared mailbox via Outlook for Windows

  • Click File > Account Settings > Account Settings.


  • Account Settings in the Backstage view
  • On the Email tab in the list, highlight the Exchange account you want to work with. You might only have one listed. Click Change, and then click More Settings.
  • On the Advanced tab, under Open these additional mailboxes, click Add, and then enter the shared mailbox name that you want to add to your user profile.

Accessing a shared mailbox via Outlook for Mac

1. First click the Outlook icon on your dock.


2.Click on the Tools and select Accounts.


3. Click the Plus sign and select Exchange to add another mailbox.


4.Type in the email address for the shared mailbox on the email address field.

Then type your full for the user name field.


5.If this screen shows up then Click Always use my response to this server And click Allow (Else skip this Step)


Step 6: Change the account description from Winona1 to the name of the share mailbox. And close the account window.


Step 7: You will now see the mailbox under inbox.

Adding an email account to Outlook

You can add other email accounts to your Outlook app. Add Account

If you want to add your Winona State email account to a personal computer or phone, you will first enter in your WSU email address for when prompted to add account. Next you will be prompted to add your Microsoft credentials. If it shows your email address in the field, you will need to change this to your StarID email. For employees use and for students Winona State email accounts also require the use of a Multi-Factor Authenticator, so you will be prompted to authenticate your account. Learn how to enable Microsoft Authenticator.


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