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Create a Master Document Using Existing Files

  • Note: All documents should be in the same folder. The Word Master Document should be saved to the same folder.
  1. Create new, blank document and save it as "Master"
  2. Click View > Outline (in the Document Views section of the tab)
    View tab
  3. Click Show Document and then "Insert"
    Show Document
  4. On the Insert Subdocument dialog box, navigate to the location of the documents you want to insert. Select the first file and click Open.
  5. If the following dialog box displays, telling you about a style that exists in both the subdocument and the master document, click the Yes to All button. This keeps all the styles in the subdocument consistent with the styles in the master document.
  6. Repeat steps for the other documents.
  7. Save document
  8. Click on Collapse Subdocuments to close out of Outline View.

If you want to unlink your documents there is an UNLINK option in the Outline View. If you do this the master will no longer be linked to the subdocuments.

Helpful Information

The above information can be found in detail at this web site.

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