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The big question

What is the impact of mobile learning?


Goals and objectives

Piloting the idea

Pilot work


The following schools are contributors to this pilot:

  • Winona State University


Assessment vehicle

Participants were surveyed for their reactions and experiences. A Qualtrics survey was distributed to all participants.

Survey Questions

Recommendations and observations

Tell us your story

  • Do you have experience with mobile learning?
  • Did something in this article help you make a decision about your curriculum or cause you to try something new?
  • Do you have questions about this project or the results?

Please share any experience, reactions, or questions with us so we can add to the content of this article and make it more relevant for the next person. Email your input to and we will add it to this article. Thanks.

More information

Want more information on the McLAB or have an idea you would like to pursue? Contact Norb Thomes at (507) 457-5043 or

Overview of the McLAB

Read the full overview of the Mobile Computing Laboratory project.

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