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Online Etiquette

When taking a course online, through email, D2L, or other online interaction, it is important to remember several points of etiquette so that communication between everyone involved is smooth and effective. Please review the following “Netiquettes” before you begin this course.

1. Avoid language that may come across as strong or offensive.

2. Keep writing to the point and stay on topic.

3. Read first and write later, you don’t want to repeat what someone else has said or ask the same question.

4. Write, review, then send.

5. An online classroom is still a classroom. Be respectful.

6. The language for this course should be professional not resemble text messages. For example, do not write using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, because it will appear as shouting. Also, the use of emoticons can be helpful when used to convey nonverbal feelings (example: :-) or :-( ), but avoid overusing them.

7. Consider the privacy of others: Do not assume you can share classmate’s comments or email addresses with others.

9. No inappropriate material. This includes: chain letters, jokes, etc. to classmates or instructors.

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