OneNote Backup and Restore

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Version: Office2013, Platform: PC


Microsoft OneNote stores notebooks either locally or in a Sharepoint Office356 OneDrive folder. This documentation covers the process to backup notebooks and restore notebooks.

Where are Notebooks saved?

Find out where your Notebooks are stored.

  • Go to File > Options > Save & Backup


  • The Save section shows where you have your default folders saved.
  • Quick Notes Section - this can be saved to your OneDrive folder
  • Backup Folder - When you setup an automatic back up they are saved to this location. The default location for the WSU laptop image has this going to a hidden folder location c:\users\StarID\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote
  • Default Notebook Location - If you create a notebook and don't change the location, it will be saved in this folder.
  • Setup how often you want to automatically back up to occur.

Restore Your Notebooks

File > Options > Open Backups


Browse to the location that you backed up your Notebooks. If you are unsure where your backups are, look for the location in the Save & Backup menu displayed in section above.


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