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This article will serve as your step-by-step guide for employees to prepare for receiving a new laptop. It is intended for employees who are receiving a new laptop on their three-year cycle will receive an email from IT to sign up for an exchange session and platform choice. New employees who are receiving a laptop should go to the online form Faculty and Staff devices and select the Employee Laptops option there you and choose the link to the form online laptop selection form.

At A Glance

How Often Do We Exchange?

  • Students = Every 2 years
  • Employees = Every 3 years

2023 Campus Device Options


  1. Pick device, register for session
  2. Back up data
  3. Exchange your device
  4. Getting work-functional
  5. Restore data and applications

What to Bring

  • Backed up Laptop
  • Power cords

Who to contact for help

At any point in this process, employees can contact TLT ( or Technical Support Center (, 507-457-5240, Somsen Hall 207) with any questions or requests for help.

Step 1: Choose your device and register for an exchange session

TSC maintains a list of employees scheduled to exchange their laptops. If you are on that list, you will receive an email from AskTech with information regarding the laptop options for this year and how to register for an exchange session. Find more information about campus device options on the ITS website. Faculty and staff can contact TLT for consultation about your device options.

Step 2: Back up your data

You are responsible for backing up your own devices prior to your exchange session. If you have an iPad you will also need to wipe or erase all of your personal information from this device. There will be no time during your exchange session to backup or restore data and applications. If you come to your session unprepared, you will have to reschedule. Consult the articles below for more information:

Step 3: Exchange your device

Before you come to your session, consult the Device Return Checklist to make sure you have done everything needed to exchange your devices. All employee laptop exchanges are conducted over in the Krueger Library room #108. This space is quiet and allows you to spread out and begin to configure and restore your device.

  • Make sure to have all your data and bookmarks backed up before the exchange session as we only cover the process of setting your laptop up in this session.
  • If your Mac laptop is linked to an iCloud account you need to unlink the account before you exchange it. This can be done in multiple different ways without coming into Tech Support. The name of the device will include your StarID. There are two ways to remove a device from your iCloud with another device (i.e. an iPhone or iPad that uses the same Apple ID) or on your old laptop.
    • Removing old laptop with an iPhone or iPad that uses the same Apple ID
      • Start the Setting app and then tap your account name at the top of the screen.
      • Scroll down to find the device connected to your account (This laptop should have your StarID).
      • Tap on the old laptop device and choose "Remove from Account" and confirm.
    • Removing an account from your old laptop
      • Go to System Preferences and choose the Apple ID in the top left corner of the System Preferences window.
      • In the pane on the left, scroll down and click the laptop with your StarID.
      • Choose Remove from Account and confirm.

You can also sign in to with your Apple ID and remove the device from your account (see at

  • During your session, we will configure your new device, restore printers, show you how to find software, and help to import your browser bookmarks so that you are work-functional by the time you walk out the door. This process typically takes 30-60 minutes.
  • The hard drive from your old laptop will be stored for two weeks following your exchange session.

Step 4: Get to know your new laptop and make it work-functional

When you leave your device exchange session, you will probably not be fully work-functional. For example, you may need to connect to a campus printer or learn how to access our VPN from off-campus using a new operating system. The articles below include additional instructions on the hardware that you chose and new software that you should be aware of. Employees can contact TLT ( or Technical Support ( with any questions. Overview of the new laptop features

Step 5: Restore your data and applications

You complete this step on your own, but employees are encouraged to set up a time with TLT ( if you would like help organizing your data when you restore it. If you are all set to take on this task on your own, the following articles are designed to address some of the common challenges people face after the initial setup.

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