Restoring your Mac laptop

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If you are exchanging your laptop, you will need to restore your files from a backup that you created on a network drive, external media or OneDrive. You probably will want to restore your bookmarks from your favorite browsers. If you were using programs that were not part of the basic WSU image, these programs will need to be reinstalled.

Install Programs from Software Additions

Hey where is my Home Drive, Documents, and Desktop?

The new image on your laptop has been loaded with a Desktop icon in Finder Favorites that because of security setting doesn't work. So the fix for removing and adding other favorites is found on this page.

Select where you stored your backup

Browser Favorites & Bookmarks

Instructions on how import your browser favorites and bookmarks from a backup for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Also with how to make your browser homepage.

Restore Outlook Archives

Very few people still back up their Outlook files, but if you backed up your archive.pst file, you will need to copy this file to your new laptop and configure Outlook to use it.

iTunes Library

Virtual Private Network & Connecting to Network Drives

Virtual private network is a secure way to provide employees access to specific systems and services that are normally only available from on campus. Cisco AnyConnect VPN is pre-installed on your WSU laptop and can be used to connect to the WSU network when you are off-campus. This software is available to employees.

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