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About this article

This article includes links to instructions on saving, organizing, managing, and transporting your favorites or bookmarks in every WSU-supported web browser. It is intended for both students and employees.

Why bookmark?

Most people are quite familiar with bookmarking websites. All major web browsers allow you to bookmark any website you visit, saving that site's unique address or URL to a personalized list. Later, instead of searching for the site or entering its address from memory, you simply select it from your bookmark list. Your list of bookmarks may fall into one of these three categories:

  • Unstructured - A list of bookmarks used for reaching important web resources, sorted on a system-defined property (e.g., alphabetically, date saved).
  • Organized - A list of bookmarks that you have organized (e.g., using folders named by subject matter, course).
  • Curated - An organized list of bookmarks that you have enhanced with additional information or metadata (e.g., tags, annotations, notes).

Bookmarks in Google Chrome

The default browser at WSU is Google Chrome. To add bookmarks in the Google Chrome browser:

  1. Using Google Chrome, open the webpage that you want to bookmark
  2. Click on the Start on the far right of the URL address bar
  3. Under Folder, use the drop down arrow. You can select which folder you want the bookmark to be located. Selecting “Bookmarks bar” will insert the bookmark at the top of your browser to frequently used bookmarks. Note: If you include too many bookmarks on the “Bookmark bar” you may need to use the >> to show the list of bookmarks that do now show up on the visible bar.
  4. If you want to create a new Folder to store your bookmark, then use the drop down arrow under Folder to get to “Choose another folder”
  5. Edit bookmark window lets you add new folders or navigate to subfolders to store your new bookmark.
  6. To organize your bookmarks, use the 3-dots in the far right corner of the browser. Select Bookmarks. Next select Bookmark manager.

Bookmarks in Firefox

To add a bookmark in Firefox browser:

  1. Click the star in the address bar to save the current page as a bookmark. By default, new bookmarks are saved to the Other Bookmarks folder.
  2. In the menu that pops up, you can choose a different name or folder for this bookmark.

Exporting and importing bookmarks

When you exchange your laptop you will first need to Export your bookmarks and save the file to your backup location. Then when you get your new laptop, you will Import the bookmarks.

Setting your browser homepage

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