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About this article

This article highlights major changes and new features introduced by the latest laptop models offered through the E-Warrior Digital Life and Learning Program. It is intended for all students and employees who are scheduled to exchange their laptops.

This year's laptops: What's new?

256 GB storage solid state drive

This is the fourth year that WSU is offering laptop models with a solid state drive (SSD) instead of a mechanical hard disk drive (HDD). SSDs are faster than HDDs, resulting in shorter boot times and overall faster performance. This SSD has 256 GB of storage space. Take a look at how much space you are using now, particularly multimedia files (e.g., music, video) and any large applications (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, video games, etc). If you have more than 256 GB of personal data and applications on your laptop now and have concerns about storage, please contact the Technical Support Center (, 507-457-5240, Somsen Hall 207).

Thinner and lighter

Largely because the mechanical drives have been eliminated, the new laptop models are over a pound lighter than the models we distributed three years ago. That's a lot less weight in your backpack.

USB Port Type-C with Thunderbolt port

This year we have two USB Type-C ports on the PC and Mac. This port type has quickly become the standard for external storage devices. The port can reach data transfer speeds of 10 GB/sec and can charge connected devices. Many universal docking stations use USB Type-C.

USB 3.1 ports

The PC laptop also comes equipped with one USB 3.1 ports. USB 3.1 ports are backward compatible and will accommodate older devices using the USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 standard. You should notice an increase in data transfer speed when you use your external hard drive or flash drive, particularly if that drive is designed to use USB 3.1. If you are in the market for an external drive, make sure you get one that takes advantage of USB 3.1.


This year the PC model has an HDMI port. This provides high-definition output to classroom projectors and displays.

Touch-sensitive screen

The screen on the new HP EliteBook is touch-sensitive. The screen responds to your finger but does not rotate or respond to generic pen stylus designed for tablets. An optional HP Pen can be purchased at the Bookstore if you are in need of digital ink functionality.

No network port

The MacBook Pro and HP Elitebook x360 830 G8 are both equipped without a standard RJ45 network port. Our campus wireless network provides dependable and pervasive WiFi coverage. Note: employees interested in a dongle adapter for their device should contact the Technical Support Center (, 507-457-5240, Somsen Hall 207).

Operating System: What's new?

Windows 11 operating system (HP Elitebook x360 830 G8)

The HP Elitebook x360 830 G8 will be equipped with the latest version of Windows 11. To learn more go to the following article to learn more about this operating system.

Monterey operating system

If you are already a Mac user and have not upgraded to the new Ventura, this will be pre-installed on your new MacBook Pro and includes a number of new features and functions. If this is your first Mac laptop, you will need to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the Mac operating system.

Microsoft 365

The PC and Mac both come with the latest version of Microsoft Office pre-installed (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and this software is designed to work with the online applications found in Microsoft 365.

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